An easy lace scarf

If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at lace  knitting but never really had the guts then have a try at this.

I would recommend that you have a practice run.  Try knitting a sample square first.

Sample Square
Using any yarn and needles at least 2 sizes larger than would usually be used for the yarn (this helps to emphasise the lacy pattern by producing a more open fabric)

Cast on multiple of 4s plus 6,  a good number would be 30sts.

Knit 4 rows (garter stitch)
Row 1 sl1, k2 *yon, sl1, k2tog, yon, k1* k3
Row 2 and all even rows:  sl1 k2, purl to last 3, k3
Row 3: sl1, k4, *yon, sl, k2tog, yon, k1* to last k5

Repeat these 4 rows until you have knitted a square of fabric.

To knit a scarf you will need to decide how on your yarn, and desired width.

To start, knit a sample square to check your gauge.  To calculate how many stitches you need count how many stitches per inch you knitted, multiply the number of stitches per inch by the desired width.  Remember you will be using 6 stitches at each end for the border, so your scarf will be around an inch wider unless you take this into account.

Cast on your calculated number of stitches.
Knit 4 – 6 rows for the garter stitch foundation.
Work rows 1 – 4 of the pattern until your scarf has reached it’s desired length

Cast off and enjoy!


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