Learning New Skills

I love to teach.  More than knitting. More than crochet. I love to teach.

So for me, the natural thing to do with my knitting and crochet skills is to share them through teaching.

In the cafe I run classes on an irregular basis.  The most popular courses are the 10 week “Learn to Crochet” course and the 3 week “Sock Knitting” course.

I’ve also tried my hand at a few YouTube videos and the only thing stopping me from producing more is time.  The first ones were filmed totally by myself.  Going back and forth from the front and the back of the camera to check it was aligned properly.  Re-filming because the dog barked or shook the tripod.  I’d love to find the time to film more with someone behind the camera.  So apologies if they seem a bit amateurish, that’s basically because they are.

My YouTube channel can be found here.  Hopefully if you subscribe to it you’ll find out when I add more and I’m more than happy to try to find the time to film new videos on request for new techniques.  Remember I’m not the world’s most knowledgeable knitter or crochet worker, but once I’ve found a new technique I need I will always work at it until I succeed.

I’m also going to add pages to the blog where you can find specific items.  I really hope this will become a useful place to come.


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