Amazing Day

Yesterday was fantastic and I came away with so much enthusiasm and encouragement for the future of WeKnit.

In the next couple of days I’m going to have a minor operation on my wrist which will prevent me from knitting or crocheting for about SIX weeks!  This seems like the ideal time to sit down and start writing out patterns and plans etc for the next stage of the WeKnit business.  My lovely customers are always badgering me to create kits for things to knit and crochet but I just don’t have the time or more correctly, the ideas.  Yesterday really helped me to see how I could put some of these thoughts in to action.

I’d really love to exhibit at the show next year so apart from the cost of the stall (EEEK!) I will also need the cost of the prepared kits.  I’ve always mistakenly thought these places were a great place to pick up bargains but in actuality prices actually seemed quite high (probably to cover the cost of the exhibition plot!).

So, if I were to make kits, what kind of thing would you like to be able to pick up, ready to take away?  Personally I think I’d prefer the small items.  Things that are quick and simple.  Lovely ideas for gifts to make etc. Bags, hats, cushion covers.  Maybe even a few small children’s items.  Whatever I go for, I believe success will come more easily with lots of smaller, less costly items with a few larger items at higher cost.  Once again I feel like saying – watch this space.


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