I’ve got at least 2 ideas buzzing around in my head.  Sadly, it will be a while before I can start either, but I could at least create the patterns only how can I test them?  One pattern will take quite some time to create as it’s a top down Fair Isle sweater.  To be honest, I only want to create it because I want to test my understanding of patterns.  The other is a new winter bag knitted in Eskimo as last year’s pattern was such a huge success.

magic shetland lace knittingActually,  I also want to knit something light and lacy having just received the “the Magic of Shetland Lace Knitting” by Elizabeth Lovick.  I saw the book at the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycraft Show last week,  It’s been on my wish list for about 2 years and having looked through the book I HAD to get a copy.

This book is absolutely beautiful with lots of soft floaty designs beginning with simple 2 stitch designs and progressing through to far more complex ones.  The finishes with a section of projects which not only use a selection of lace designs but also suggest alternatives.  This is a book I mean to treasure!  If you have any interest in lace knitting make sure you add it to your Christmas Wish List!

So now where do I begin?  Shall I create a simple lacy scarf, a felted bag or go full out on the sweater?  Remember, for the next few weeks it’s all theoretical as I can’t knit!  To be honest, it’s hurting just typing, so may be I should stop.

Are there any knitters out there interested in testing an item or two?  lol


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