Simple Slippers


Two years ago I knitted myself a pair of Mary Jane shoe style slippers from a DROPS pattern, apart from an accident involving our beloved dog, Tye, (who passed away last year) they’ve been fantastic and I still love them!  The thing is, I’ve decided it’s time for a new pair but this time I decided to create my own pattern.  So I trawled Pinterest looking for ideas and I’ve come up with these.  A lovely simple pair for you to enjoy.

Like the others they are knitted in DROPS Eskimo and take just 2 balls and a pair of 7mm needles and are mainly worked in stocking stitch.  Altogether I used just 75g to make this new pair of slippers.  You can make them longer or shorter by adding and subtracting the number of rows for the foot length.  Try not to reduce the number of rows of rib at the top as those keep your tootsies snug!


k-knit      p – purl     kfb – knit into front and back of stitch     k2tog – knit 2 together     p2tog – purl 2 together

Cast on 4 sts.

Knit 2 rows

Row 3: kbf, k2, kbf (6sts)

Row 4 – 6: k

Row 7: kfb, k4, kfb (8sts)

Row 8 – 10: k

Row 11: cast on 8, knit to end (16sts)

Row 12: cast on 8, knit to end (24sts)


Row 13: k

Row 14: k7, p1, k8, p1, k7

Repeat rows 13 & 14, 12 times.

My so called “friends” at the WeKnit Coffee Corner took a photo of the piece like this and posted it on Facebook.  SO cruel!  But I love them to pieces.  Without the fun and laughter of the coffee corner I wouldn’t be as productive as I am.  They are a constant source of laughter and love.  

Next row: sl1, *k1, p1* rpt from * to * until last st, k1

Repeat last row 5 times.

DSC_0037Decrease for toes:

Next row, “K2tog, p2tog* rpt to end of row (12 sts)

Break off yarn leaving a long end.  Thread through the last 12 sts and pull tight.  Using the same yarn, sew up the front along the rib edge sts.

slipper 3

Sew up the heel.


slipper pick upwith instep facing, pick up 3 sts between the ridges of the garter stitch, starting in the 3rd space from the rib.

Row 1: kfb, k1, kfb

Row 2: p1, *k1, p1* rpt

Row 3: k1, *p1, k1* rpt

repeat rows 2 & 3 3 times

Next row: k2tog, k1, k2tog

Next row: k

Next row: sl1, k2tog, psso
slipper 1Break off yarn and use the end to sew the strap to the outside of the foot.


Sew a button or crocheted flower on the end of the strap.

Now make the 2nd slipper and keep your toes warm for the winter!

I’m so glad I’ve made these.  They are so comfortable and sadly my previous pair are finally wearing out under the ball of my foot.  I go through slippers at an alarming rate – but that may be due to the fact I tend to wander outside in them.


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