What next?

So I’m supposed to be knitting a beanie for my son.  It’s going to have the Chicago Bears colours, with stripes on the turned up ribbing and then a Fair Isle design.  On Friday I told him I’d aim to get it finished by Monday.  Sadly, an over long car journey got in the way and although we were due to be back home by 9pm in actuality it was 1AM!   Apart from the ensuing tiredness from the drive my recuperating wrist has been aching ever since.

My mind is working on a crochet shawl.  I have a lovely large square fabric shawl with a Paisley design which I always fold into a triangle.  I am a lover of triangular shawls.  In my head, creating one of these has been nagging me for a few years – both to knit one and to crochet one.  So yesterday I spent the day crocheting a few rows, ripping them back, crocheting a few more rows with a different design, ripping it back.  You can see where this is going… nowhere!

I was going to take my lovely grandson to Newquay Zoo today, but the weather doesn’t promise to be good so we’ll postpone that until Thursday – my next planned day off.  Instead, I will go into work and do some baking and then come home and make a few more attempts at this shawl.

It really is VERY annoying when you get and idea in your head but you can’t quite “see” it, let alone create it!


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