It’s funny what makes us tick

Yesterday was a busy day for me at my little cafe/yarn shop.

I knew I had a new crochet course starting at 10.30 and always aim to be in work for 9am to set up the cafe and do any baking.  Yesterday the baking didn’t all get done as my first customers (note the plural!) started coming in at 9.40 and I open at 10am (officially!).  I feel mean locking the doors when they can see me inside and as most see me as a friend, they don’t mind my pottering in the open plan kitchen area whilst they chat.

So the customMug Hug Amanda Groveers started coming in and the baking didn’t get done!  Oh well.

There were 4 learners for the crochet course.  All had done a little bit before, one with absolutely NO success whatsoever and the others with a small amount of success.  I always begin with the chain stitch and double crochet and we work back and forth to make a mug hug.  Using a 6mm hook and chunky yarn most people can achieve this in their first session so they go home with a sense of achievement.   This mug hug was made by a lovely lady on a previous course.  Lesson 1  involves not just chain and dc but also getting those edges straight!  I like to start as I mean to go on.  Making sure they get it right!
Now some may call me “The Boss” and have plenty of experience of “The Look” when they say or do things to try to wind me up.  They know that I’m not averse to unravelling someone’s work BUT what makes me smile is that they are ALWAYS surprised to discover that actually I have an amazing amount of patience when teaching.  I am a born teacher.  It’s just one of the rare skills I possess and I have to say, I just LOVE to teach!  For me there is no greater thrill than to help someone learn a new skill which they can then go on to use and enjoy.  I love it when strangers have become friends through the shop and post on FB about the things they’ve made.  It gives me such joy.  It’s not pride, not a “I taught them to do that” kind of thing.  It’s more a “Yay!  what lovely things they can make!”  I love seeing them discover new ways of doing things and making things I’ve never even tried.  What I’ve done is open up a new world for them to explore, a new way for them to express their innate creativity and I just love it!

So yesterday started with a high.

BFL - Birds - Line - Main-550x430I then had a visit from Julie of West Yorkshire Spinners.  Now if you haven’t seen or heard of these yarns I would recommend you check them out.  Their motto is “Reared, sheared and spun in the UK”. so if you want to support a UK business, then this is one to check out.  They use a lot of Blue Faced Leicester yarns which are surprisingly soft for 100% wool.  Another thing I love is that their mixed yarns are available in 4ply, DK AND aran!  I can’t wait to stock some soon.  So discovering a new yarn brand was another high for the day.

Finally I had a yarn delivery from DROPS.  New colours of Eskimo and customers clammering in the boxes before I’ve checked off the contents  lol.  Their yarns are always such good value.  They may not be good for my profit margins, but the customers DO love them and they do produce such wonderful and enticing colours.  So my third high of the day – a yarn delivery!

I ended the day with a small knit n natter group in the evening.  Some evenings the cafe can be packed out, loud and frenetic!  Last night was quieter and a perfect way to end the day.  I really don’t know which I prefer, but after the busyness of the day this was definitely the way to go!


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