Cornwall Blanket

2016 Cornwall CAL

I’ve been blessed with an amazingly talented son when it comes to design and one who, although he doesn’t like “drawing” he loves to create pixelated images.  As a child he taught himself to draw on Paint zooming right in to the individual pixels to create amazing shading and smoothness of curves etc.   For this project I invaded his space, he hides out in the garage surrounded by screens and warmed by a halogen heater, and asked if he could draw a 50 x 75 square harbour image.  This will be forming the central panel of a Corner to Corner (c2c) blanket and it will have 12 small images around the sides with the Cornish Flag in the 4 corners.  Clearly this is a work in design progress but I can’t wait to get started on it!

My current ideas for the smaller squares include traditional foods such as a pasty and cream tea, a sandcastle and star fish, surfboard and fishing boat and the iconic engine house which is spotted all over the county, not forgetting a greedy seagull and an ice cream and finally a chough.

I’ve almost completed the first corner flag and it’s working out at 10 inches or 25cm when worked in dk with 4mm hook and using the mini-c2c technique.  The question is – do I use a traditional c2c and make the blanket bigger, which in turn uses a lot more yarn and takes more time?  oh dilemmas!

Answers on a postcard to….




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