Sock March

The shop is busy with knitters and chatters, I’ve been invited to 3 wedding over 5 weekends.  I’m plotting and planning and starting things but not getting anything finished and incredibly March is almost upon us meaning that already we’ve enjoyed 2 months of 2016.

In an effort to try to focus my mind I’ve decided to dedicate March to socks.  If you’re a regular to the blog you’ll know my son is a graphic designer and loves pixelated images.  What you may not know is that he also loves typography, letters and sign-writing.  Having decided to dedicate March to socks he’s created a window design for me and is currently painting a design on one of my windows.  My job is to string up the socks, plan some workshops and find a good crochet sock pattern for those who hate the pointy sticks.

Sock March windowI often struggle in the shop to be inspired to do anything with my window.  The shop space was originally a hairdressers and was then converted to a cafe and as such doesn’t actually have window display space but DOES have very large picture windows.  This means that instead of being able to create amazing deep displays mine are almost 2 dimensional.

With Matt’s help, this time the display will look far more inviting and definitely professional!

So, what will Sock March involve?

I’ll be looking at different methods of sock knitting: toe up versus cuff down; heel turns versus heel flaps; dpns (double pointed needles) versus circular needles; plain versus patterned.  Then of course, there’s the idea of a good crocheted sock.  Finding this is going to be the hard bit as crochet doesn’t have the same amount of give and working a good fitting sock can be difficult.Sue's Socks

I’ll also be offering workshops and classes so people can practice the techniques required for sock knitting (and crochet!) and finally there will be offers and kits available during the month of March.

I think it’s time I began knitting socks in plain yarn and working in patterns.  I have to admit I get bored very easily when knitting and working stocking stitch all the time is tedious.  The only part of sock knitting I really enjoy is the heel and the toes, so whilst writing this I’ve just had that light bulb moment that has made me realise I should be knitting with plain yarn and a lacy or textured pattern.  This means I need to finish the shawl I started last week, complete the wedding gift (I very much doubt this will happen before the big day on March 5th) and crack on with the Cornwall blanket.

BUT, March is dedicated to socks and so I will insist that it’s time for the Sock March and put other projects away.  Sneaky eh?


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