There’s just so much a girl can do…

My list if current projects seems to be growing almost daily.  It’s not that I’m being tempted by delicious yarns and enticing patterns, it’s more that stuff happens that distracts me or I remember I need something for work – so I’d better get crafting.

This morning I realised I had sock course starting and so I’d have to start another pair of socks.  I’ve got one sock almost finished, so I couldn’t use that to teach how to start to knit a sock, another sock which needs a partner was worked “toe up”, so that will have to wait for another few days until I teach the “Toe Up” workshop, so that meant just one thing – I was going to have to cast on yet another sock!


This time though I’m going for something I saw a couple of years ago.  It’s a lovely sock with a cable effect pattern to imitate owls.  Like many others I love owls and I’ve been in love with this particular pattern since I first joined Ravelry.  Finally, today, I got to cast on the first sock.  Why though is it that when teaching I mess up?  Not once, not twice but 4 times I cast on for the first sock whilst my tutees got it right first time!  To make matters worse they are working in aran weight yarn and so require less stitches and fewer rows.  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do if I’m to be at the heel in time for the next lesson.

owlie socks

(courtesy of Sheryln)

Another thing I’m currently working of is the beautiful Cornwall CAL.  This has sadly been sent backstage as I worked on

The Wedding Gift– still unfinished but I can post a pic now a the bride and groom have seen it.

Wedding blanet

The Wedding Shawl – finished and gladly worn.  The yarn is so beautiful and soft and so effectively warm, it kept away the cold March weather whilst standing around outside the venue.  I was very pleased I’d completed it in time.

170 38 Crochet Shawl

The Nipple Scarf – another tale to come


The Toe Up Sock – ready for the lesson.

It really is very easy to get distracted and side tracked when crafting.  I’m very glad my grandson isn’t due until June because at the moment there is no way I’ll be able to crochet his first pair of Converse!



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