My head can sometimes be so frustrating

I don’t call myself a designer but in some ways I guess I am.  I struggle to come up with original ideas but I often see things and they jump start me in a new direction.

One of main problems is that I can’t always “see” the complete picture and I don’t really have the time to sit down and try things out.

I’m currently struggling with a design for a lacy shawl.  A lovely friend has knitted a beautiful lacy shawl designed by Anniken Allis and it is on display in my shop window.  Unfortunately the shawl has set my brain sizzling with ways to alter the shape.  The lace part is not currently part of the plan, that will come later, it’s the actual shape of the garment that my mind is quizzing with.

As the WeKnit Coffee Corner is getting busier it means I have less time to just sit and work things out.  By the time I return home each night I’m too brain tired to do much more than play mindless games on the laptop before I retire early for the night.  The result of this is my head is still trying to find a solution and it’s generally in the early hours that it starts contemplating things again.

As you know, I still have several things on the go.  I’ve managed this week to complete the Harris Tweed socks but I’m knitting a pair of detailed Owlie socks by Julie Elswick Suchomel, I’m still working on the wedding blanket, I’ve got “the aran” (which is a running joke at work) and the lovely Cornwall CAL which I have decided to dedicate the month of April to.  So when am I going to get this design done?  It requires time to plan as well as time to create and knit and write out the pattern…



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