5 Shawl, 5 Days – Day 2

I had to send a reminder for the pattern for Day 2 as it hadn’t arrived by mid-afternoon.  I was busy working on the Wedding Gift and when the pattern arrived my friends/customers insisted the bit I was doing was finished before I began the shawl.  It doesn’t happen very often, but I listened and obeyed.  grrr

This time I decided to print the pattern out, rather than read it from the laptop.  The main reason for this was because my lovely grandson, Liam, had joined us for the Easter holidays and he decided to come and spend the day in the cafe.

On a different topic – on Good Friday the weather was amazing so we went over to Holywell Bay near Newquay for a spot of energy release.  Whilst there Liam was looking at the mussels and trying to find ones big enough to eat.  He’d never tried one, but thought we could perhaps take some home to try.  As even the biggest were still small we decided to “sample” some at a beautiful restaurant nearby.  If you are in the area, you MUST visit!  Offshore Bar and Bistro serves the most delicious food and you will need to leave room for dessert!  Despite the image I can assure you Liam loved the mussels and I almost had to fight him for the last few!  In fact he loved all the food so much he said it took him to his happy place.  He’s a strange boy but the proprietor, Angus, was pleased to have such a young foodie in his restaurant.

Liam eating mussels Good Friday 2016

Back to the cafe and Liam being there for the day.  Now for many people this is clearly because he wants to spend the day with nanny.  In Liam’s case it was because I take the laptop to work and he can’t play Minecraft when my laptop isn’t nearby.  Oh to be loved less than Minecraft.  Today he’s gone horse-riding with grandad so I get to keep the laptop for myself…

Anyway, I printed out the pattern, picked up the Karisma again and the 4.5mm needles – again – and set off following the instructions.  I have to admit though that I am a terrible skim reader and I assumed that row 2 would be just k3, p to last 3, k3.  So off I plodded.

I decided to work this shawl in stocking stitch and not garter and I have to say I think for this shawl it probably works better.  As I finished just before closing down time I didn’t get chance to take a photo and I also foolishly left the shawl at work.  When I arrived home the opened the pattern once again and read the first part of the pattern about the fact that there were 4 increases on row 1 and 2 increases on row 2!  Oh no!  I’d presumed incorrectly so I went hunting around the house for some dk yarn, looked in my needle case and only had 5mm interchangeables and a 60cm cable!  Oh well, times must.  The yarn I found was Drops Merino Extra Fine.

This time, sitting  at home without interruptions (Liam was with his Uncle Matthew) I was able to knit the shawl correctly.  I meant to block it, but forgot and so I’ve brought it to work to write up yesterday’s shawl and take an unblocked photo.  Apologies for the dismal image!

Days 1 and 2

So there we have day 1 at the top followed by version 1 of day 2 and version 2 at the bottom.

I wonder what will be in the post today?

Have you joined the challenge yet?



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