The Fishing Boat

Here is the second of the individual squares for the Cornwall CAL.

The Fishing Boat is working in red, white and light grey (Silver Cloud) on a pale turquoise background.

Using 4mm hook and mini-c2c.  Follow this link for instructions.

Fishing Boat


When you are on the increase rows the row number will indicate how many blocks you will have on each side AND along the diagonal.

Row 1 – 10: Turquoise

Row 11: 2T, 2R, 7T

Row 12: 7T, 2R, 1W, 2T

Row 13: 2T, 1R, 1W, 2R, 7T

Row 14: 7T, 2R, 1W, 2R, 2T

Row 15: 3T, 2R, 1W, 2R, 7T

Row 16: 7T, 2R, 1W, 2R, 4T

Row 17: 5T, 2R, 1W, 2R, 7T

Row 18: 7T, 2R, 2W, 1R, 6T

Row 19: 7T, 2R, 1W, 3R, 7T

Row 20: 7T, 3R, 1W, 1R, 8T

Row 21: 8T, 2R, 1W, 3R, 7T

Row 22: 7T, 3R, 1W, 2R, 9T

Row 23: 10T, 2R, 1W, 3R, 7T

Row 24: 7T, 3R, 1W, 2R, 1S, 10T

Row 25: 1OT, 2S, 2R, 1W, 3R, 7T

From this point you will be decreasing

On the decrease rows, the number in brackets will indicate the number of blocks.

Row 26: 6T, 3R, 1W, 2R, 3S, 1W, 8T (24)

Row 27: 8T, 1W, 1S, 1T, 1S, 1R, 2W, 2R, 6T (23)

Row 28: 5T, 3R, 1W, 1R, 1S, 2T, 1W, 8T (22)

Row 29: 8T, 1S, 1T, 1S, 2R, 1W, 3R, 4T (21)

Row 30: 4T, 2R, 1W, 2R, 3S, 1W, 7T (20)

Row 31: 7T, 1W, 1S, 1T, 1S, 2R, 1W, 2R, 3T (19)

Row 32: 3T, 1R, 1W, 2R, 1S, 2T, 1W, 7T (18)

Row 33: 7T, 1S, 1T, 1S, 1T, 1R, 2W, 3T (17)

Row 34: 3T, 1W, 2R, 1T, 2S, 1W, 6T (16)

Row 35: 6T, 1W, 1S, 2T, 2R, 1W, 2T (15)

Row 36: 2T, 2R, 3T, 1W, 6T (14)

Row 37: 6T, 1W, 3T, 1R, 2T (13)

Row 38 – 49: Turquoise

Fishing Boat





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