The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic with lots of decisions needing to be made.  Sadly, I’ve decided to call it a day with my lovely little yarn shop/cafe in order to spend more time with my mum and my grandsons and be able to concentrate on my own knitting and crochet.  Last summer I had my eldest grandson visit for a few weeks and we were able to do very little due to the restraint of the shop.  Next week (25th June), is the due date for grandson no.2 and I don’t want to miss out on his life because I’m too busy.

Over my time in the cafe I have not only taught many people to knit and crochet, helped them out when they’ve become stuck or just given general advice, but I’ve also been privileged to gain many tips and learn new things myself.  The latest of these are NUPPS!

Nupps are a particular style of small “bump” (for want of a better word) in knitting.  In a sense it’s similar to the bobble stitch and also to popcorn stitch in crochet.  It is basically a cluster of stitches worked into 1 stitch and then finished off so only 1 stitch remains.

I’ve heard about nupps from one of my lovely customers who carries the nickname of Batty Sue.  There are quite a few Sues who frequent the shop and so most have acquired a nickname.  I have carried the title of “The Boss”, we have Sock Sue (as I’m sure you can guess is an avid sock knitter), So Easy Sue (due to the possible pronunciation of her Ravelry name – long story), Traitor Sue (who found work in a rival yarn shop) and of course Batty Sue (who is a bat rescuer and not a crazy lady).

My days in the cafe are varied but Thursdays have tended to be quiet and I have been able to enjoy the company of Batty Sue as she’s able to escape the house and spend an hour or so in the shop.  Sue is an amazing knitter and likes to learn new things.  Last year she picked up Brioche knitting and made some amazing items.  Over the past 12 months or so she’s been working on the most wonderful lace shawls and scarves.  Sue buys books, reads and absorbs information about techniques etc and I have been excited and encouraged when seeing her work.

On to the nupps.  Nupp is an Estonian word for button or knob (no giggling please).  Reading another blog written by an Estonian, I have discovered that there is leeway in how to finish the nupp and as I don’t want to copy someone else’s work I will pass you on to the Pattern Duchess to explain the technique here.

I have designed my own shawl, again from the influence of Batty Sue, which includes nupps and short rows.  I’ve never actually knitted a shawl before, this will be my first attempt and I have already sadly frogged it after 5 rows of nupps!  Last night I cast on 271 sts (again!) and worked the first row.  This morning I have begun row 1 of the pattern working a nupp every 14 sts.  I am determined to complete the shawl/scarf/shawlette and post a pic but for now I ask for patience as I nupp away.


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