Catching up

A quick catch up on why I’ve been so quiet for several months…

After much debating I decided to close my lovely little cafe/yarn shop.  Personal reasons had made it difficult to continue – including my lovely daughter giving birth to another son.

Freddie going home with the blanket knitted by a proud nanny!

As she is 6 hours drive away I just decided I wanted more time with my family than my business.

I’m missing my little emporium, my lovely customers and the baking!  A group of ladies decided to keep meeting and now we meet to knit, crochet, natter and laugh at a local garden centre restaurant.  We’ve been made to feel really welcome and it’s lovely to see the group develop.

Without the shop I’ve got more time to actually finish the things I start!  I’ve been teased relentlessly for the many things I begin but never end but I’m glad to say I have finished the Nupp shawlette,

begun and completed a variation of another shawl

AND begun and finished a lovely poncho by Drops in just under 4 weeks!

This final project has caused severe shock amongst the knitting group as they’ve never seen me complete something so quickly!

The poncho sleeves are 3/4 length and unless worn with a long sleeved garment underneath my lower arms get cold SO I’ve decided to knit some matching long wristwarmers.  The pattern will follow (as perhaps will the pattern for the Nupp shawlette).

I’ve really no excuse for my lacksadaisical approach to the blog but I hope you’ll all forgive me and continue to enjoy my offerings – as infrequent as they are.

See you soon!


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