When patience is a virtue..

Soon after I opened my lovely (sadly now departed) yarn shop and coffee shop a lady came in and asked if I would be able to work out the pattern for a cardigan she had bought many years earlier.  She brought it in and I had a thunk.  The thunk didn’t go very far.

Now I’ve got more time on my hands and, I’m glad to say, the lady is now a friend and we still meet twice a week where my little groups now gather in a garden centre restaurant.  I asked Jacqui if she could bring in her cardigan and for the past 2 weeks I’ve been counting and plotting and planning and knitting and frogging and charting and writing and knitting and frogging and planning and writing and…  I think I’m repeating myself…but I think you get the drift.  This is NOT an easy pattern to construct!

jacquis-cardiganThe original garment now has some beautiful sewn running stitches (added by myself) in a lovely butterscotch yellow to contrast with the dark blue to aid row and stitch counting. The original garment a remarkable feat of design!


So WHY is this garment such a pfaff?

The back and sleeves are basically worked from the armholes upwards.  Pretty simple, quick to knit.  The remainder of the garment is one long strip worked straight in places and with short rows in others.  It’s the short rows that are causing all the dilemmas.  Once completed the strip will be attached across the lower back edge, up the front of the right sleeve, across the right shoulder, then the neck edge, across the left shoulder and finally down the front of the left sleeve.  The long strip becomes the lower edge of the back, the right and left front of the garment and also the collar.

As I’m not a lover of acrylic yarn for garments (it has it’s uses, but it’s not for me), I’ve managed to find enough Drops Lima to complete the garment.  At least I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it from the 500g I’ve got in stash.


I’ve found a place where the pattern repeats and sewn a lovely line along the row from top edge to lower edge.  At the top edge there are 36 rows, at the lower edge about 160!  It’s brain befuddling trying to decide WHERE all these short rows occur.  If I was just knitting the garment for myself I’d wing it.  As it is, this project is to produce a pattern so someone else can knit it.  Obviously I won’t be able to produce an accurate replica  (my row counts alone are looking at 36 at the upper edge and 180 at the lower edge!)  Also I can’t exactly replicate where the short rows occur in the cabled section and the final dilemma will be making the long strip fit the back and sleeves.

Hopefully I’ll be able to publish a pattern by the time I’ve finished.  I’m just extremely grateful the garment is knitted in a decent double knit and nothing finer.  Counting the rows and stitches is bad enough but if they were smaller I think I’d have been committed to an asylum by now!

Keep checking back for progress!



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