5 Shawls, 5 days

Now this seems a bit of a stretch to imagine ANYONE can knit a shawl a day for 5 days.  In essence an incredible knitter, Francoise Daney, has produced a little challenge to help demystify the making of shawls by encouraging people to knit a mini-shawl each day for 5 days working for just 30 … More 5 Shawls, 5 days

Simple Slippers

Two years ago I knitted myself a pair of Mary Jane shoe style slippers from a DROPS pattern, apart from an accident involving our beloved dog, Tye, (who passed away last year) they’ve been fantastic and I still love them!  The thing is, I’ve decided it’s time for a new pair but this time I … More Simple Slippers


I’ve got at least 2 ideas buzzing around in my head.  Sadly, it will be a while before I can start either, but I could at least create the patterns only how can I test them?  One pattern will take quite some time to create as it’s a top down Fair Isle sweater.  To be … More Confusion

In just 48 hours I’m having the dreaded Carpal Tunnel Syndrome operation!  It’s such a small op but should make a huge difference to how my hands feel.  The main problem is, I’m now madly trying to get my daughter’s hat knitted before I go for the operation on Wednesday BUT with the added problem … More