The past couple of weeks have been pretty hectic with lots of decisions needing to be made.  Sadly, I’ve decided to call it a day with my lovely little yarn shop/cafe in order to spend more time with my mum and my grandsons and be able to concentrate on my own knitting and crochet.  Last … More Nupps!

Cornwall Blanket

I’ve been blessed with an amazingly talented son when it comes to design and one who, although he doesn’t like “drawing” he loves to create pixelated images.  As a child he taught himself to draw on Paint zooming right in to the individual pixels to create amazing shading and smoothness of curves etc.   For … More Cornwall Blanket

Felted Nose Bag

Last year I knitted a lovely bag in Drops Eskimo and then felted it.  The bag was so popular and I sold lots of the yarn and the pattern.  This year I’ve decided to crochet a bag. I love this yarn.  When you felt it you need to stick it in your washing machine at … More Felted Nose Bag

What happens next?

The hat and the bag are now finished!  That is, apart from the felting.  Yet I can’t felt because I need to take some photos for the instructions and I can’t write the instructions because I messed up my website and need to redo all the Drops yarns and I can’t do that because it’s … More What happens next?