Crochet Lessons

I learned to crochet from a Patons booklet when I was about 7.  In those days we didn’t have the internet and so all the terms I learned were UK ones and life wasn’t confusing.  Granted, patterns weren’t as exciting as they are now and the exchange of patterns and information was much narrower.  As a result, I’m afraid I’m a staunch believer in UK terms for UK people  – apologies to those who use US terms.  I am bi-lingual, but when in the UK, use UK that’s my philosophy.

On this page you will find downloads for the crochet course I run.  I’m going to try to add each lesson each week to keep myself up to date.  You are free to print off the pdf files for your own use, or just follow them on the screen.  Each lesson will also have an accompanying YouTube video/s over time.  I hope you find this resource useful.  Follow the links in bold – The  lesson title will take you to the pdf download, given out at my classes and the following links will be the associated YouTube videos.

Lesson 1 Chain Stitch – in this class you will learn the chain stitch and the basic double crochet stitch.  There is also a pattern for a mug hug worked in chunky yarn and with a 6mm hook.  This works up quickly and gives you practice at getting the ends of your rows even.  The following 2 links will take you to the accompanying YouTube videos.

The Chain Stitch

Double Crochet

Lesson 2 The Trebles – lesson 2 takes you through the 3 most commonly used treble stitches.  You can practice them one at a time using the mug hug pattern of the previous lesson, or work them together in a row to create a wave effect.  Videos will follow – I promise!

Lesson 3 Increasing and Decreasing  2 very important skills which develop shape in your work.  Following the instructions you can begin to work your first ripple blanket.







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