5 Shawls, 5 days

Now this seems a bit of a stretch to imagine ANYONE can knit a shawl a day for 5 days.  In essence an incredible knitter, Francoise Daney, has produced a little challenge to help demystify the making of shawls by encouraging people to knit a mini-shawl each day for 5 days working for just 30 … More 5 Shawls, 5 days

Harris Tweed Socks

I’ve got some lovely West Yorkshire Spinners “Aire Valley” aran weight yarn which is suitable for sock knitting as it contains 75% wool and 25% polyamide. The balls of yarn feels coarse to the touch yet I read somewhere that once washed it becomes beautiful and soft.  Well I clearly can’t wash a ball to test that … More Harris Tweed Socks

Evening Evelyn

Oh I have NO idea where Drops get the names from for their patterns but ignoring the name, this shawl is quick and easy to work up. I was given a skein of the delightfully soft Juniper Moon Farm “Herriot” dk.  It’s 100% baby alpaca and it is wonderful to work with.  I used a … More Evening Evelyn

Sock March

The shop is busy with knitters and chatters, I’ve been invited to 3 wedding over 5 weekends.  I’m plotting and planning and starting things but not getting anything finished and incredibly March is almost upon us meaning that already we’ve enjoyed 2 months of 2016. In an effort to try to focus my mind I’ve … More Sock March

Is this winter?

I’m either busy or tired.  Or just plain sleepy. The problem of short days is that once it begins to get dark I just want to curl up and go to sleep.  This has the awful result of there just not being enough hours in the days for me to do all the things I … More Is this winter?