Where do you find inspiration?

I have to admit that when I go anywhere I take either knitting or crochet with me and that includes going to church.

So yesterday I’m at church and this lovely student comes in with a beautiful beret.  It’s a fabric one made in a lovely wool with a thick bold stripe.  The stripe accentuates the fact that unlike most berets it isn’t circular but rather square.  During the sermon I was sat behind her and looked closely (well as closely as you can when you’re sitting behind someone in church) and noticed that the fabric had 4 seams coming from the centre and once it had reached it’s widest point there were then 8 seams to close it in.  The hat was finished off with a strip of binding.

I had in my bag 3 balls of the beautiful Eskimo from which I cam working through this winter’s bag.  So out came my hook, out came my yarn and off I went working on a square.  I’ve decided to work it larger than necessary (50% larger) so that once it is completed I can felt it and then before drying I will pull it into shape.

I promise you will get first view once it’s completed – along with the nosebag which the yarn was supposed to be used on.


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